How to Master Instagram Stories: The Ultimate Imginn Review and 6 Incognito Browsing Alternatives

You might sometimes wish to browse other people’s Instagram stories and posts without disclosing your identity. Unfortunately, Instagram does not have a tool that allows you to hide your presence, since it will expose anyone’s footprint in the viewer list of stories.

So you may be wondering if it is possible to see or even download Instagram stories and posts anonymously.

The good news is that you may do so using an Instagram story viewer application such as Imginn. According to the service, it is possible to see, download, and archive IG stories and posts anonymously and silently from any Instagram public account.

In this guide, we’ll teach you all you need to know about Imginn, including how to use it and how safe it is.

What is Imginn?

Imginn is an online Instagram story viewer and downloader that allows you to store your Instagram stories and explore public accounts privately. You may get the following advantages with this tool:

Download Instagram videos and photos-Imginn may be used to magnify a user’s Instagram profile image to full size and save it in full HD resolution. You can also use their connections to download all of the high-resolution photographs and reels.

Download Instagram stories – Do you want to keep those amazing Instagram stories before they disappear? Imginn also makes it simple with a single click. You can also store private or highlighted stories for later viewing.

View Instagram without an account – Also, Imginn lets you view Instagram posts, profile images, highlights, reels, stories, and videos without having to use the Instagram app. On Instagram, you can simply search for anyone’s profile and check all of their profile images, post counts, and followers.

How Does Imginn Instagram Viewer Work

To access the service, type your chosen username (or user link) into the search field (as seen in the image below).

You may also enter the complete name of the account holder in the search window and hit Enter. Imginn will generate a list of profiles with similar names and usernames from which you may select the desired profile.

After a few seconds, you should be able to read public Instagram stories and posts anonymously and freely. With a simple click, you may easily download any Instagram content.

That’s all. This Imgin website is a no-brainer, so anyone can use it without difficulty.

Positive Aspects of ImgInn

1. All sorts of postings, including videos and images, are available for download.

2. You may see and download your own and other user account profiles.

3. No one knows what you’re downloading if you browse anonymously.

4. A separate option is available for downloading various Instagram files.

5. The downloading procedure is quick and ad-free.

6. Aside from this, if a user chooses to deactivate or remove an account, they can do so by contacting ImgInn.

The Negatives of ImgInn

1. The website does not have a lot of information about the Imgnn Instagram service.

2. In the event of a technical issue, the only option to contact the Imgin service is by email.

3. There are no distinct menus on the website for downloading various Instagram materials.

4. The Imginn Instagram viewer website has gotten several unfavourable ratings, according to Scamadviser.

5. There are other tools with the name Imginn that are comparable. As a result, it is unclear which Imginn is the genuine one.

6. There are occasions when Imginn does not function correctly or when the site displays server issues.

7. Imagine provides relatively minimal capabilities and services, which are insufficient if you intend to use Instagram for business.

Alternatives to Imginn

1. AiSchedul

If is down or not working correctly, the best option is AiSchedul. AiSchedul will be preferred over Imginn since it provides more than simply Instagram online viewer and downloader features.

Aischedul is a one-stop Instagram management service that includes strong editing and scheduling capabilities. As a result, using AiSchedul, you can modify your Instagram posts and stories instantly online and then download them. Furthermore, using AiSchedul, you may schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time to be automatically published on the site later.

2. Dumpor

Dumpor, like Imginn, allows you to browse and download Instagram story views, videos, and photographs discreetly. It offers a straightforward UI that allows users to search for any Instagram account with a profile, location, and tag. You may browse anonymously, see likes and comments, and search using hashtags.

3. Storistalker

Another effective anonymous Instagram photo and video viewer is Storistalker. The website is sluggish, taking 30 seconds to complete and display the results. The downloading, on the other hand, is immediate and requires no login. The free platform allows you to watch Instagram stories and even deleted posts and videos anonymously.

4. SmiHub

SmiHub, a service provided by StoriesIG, allows users to browse and download Instagram stories and other information anonymously. In addition, the website features two menus: “Viewer” and “Downloader,” as well as an intelligent search bar that operates on both username and link criteria. It is completely free to use, allows you to download HD photos and movies, and allows you to explore without logging in.

5. Inflact

Inflact is undoubtedly the greatest anonymous Instagram story viewer available. It allows you to watch Instagram stories anonymously and save videos and photographs without having an account. You can automatically store Instagram stories from any public profile for free and function on any device without installing any third-party apps.

6. StoriesIG

StoriesIG is a private Instagram story viewer that allows you to view the stories of private accounts without them knowing or any login account details. It is a web-based service that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

To use StoriesIG, simply create an account and enter the username of the account whose stories you want to view. StoriesIG will generate a list of all the stories that are currently available for viewing. You can then select the stories you want to watch and they will be played in full-screen mode.


Downloading images and stories from Instagram was difficult before the arrival of Imginn. It is a handy tool that lets you download stories and photos from Instagram to your hard drive. However, considering the risks associated with the same, you should ensure that your data and information are safe during the process. I advise using a reliable VPN service when working with Imginn.


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