CB electronics xpatch-64 Specification

In this article we will discuss the specification of CB electronics xpatch-64.CB Electronics has announced the release of its newest, innovative product: the xpatch-64, the first modular digital patch bay released by the company.

The CB electronics xpatch-64 features 64 channels with digital control over parameters such as delay time, feedback, and filter type.

CB Electronics has been manufacturing computer accessories since the 1960s, when computers were so expensive that they could only be afforded by governments and corporations.

While our focus has shifted to consumer electronics like cell phones, we are still in touch with the needs of developers, who need high-quality circuitry to use in their work and recreation.

CB electronics xpatch-64 specification addresses one of these needs head-on with a 64×64 digital interface that allows independent control over every pixel on your screen. What does that mean for you?

Smart phones and gaming consoles have become an integral part of life, making it difficult to put them down and pick up a real instrument to make music.

But thanks to CB Electronics xpatch-64, you can play your favorite games while also playing music, whether or not the instrument has any buttons on it at all! And if you don’t like the design, there are plenty more on the website to choose from !

Xpatch-64 : New product based on the Xpatch-32

64 x 64 digitally controlled analogue audio patch bay

Control analogue audio routings right from your computer with the xpatch-64 program

Image Source : cbelectronics

CB electronics xpatch-64

The CB Electronics XPatch-64 is a 64×64 digitally controlled synth and controller. It features a powerful synth engine, sequencer with up to 128 steps, individual notes and chords, four different effects units, monophonic and polyphonic modes, MIDI in/out/thru ports.

The CB Electronics XPatch-64 is now available from the CB website or any of our retail partners across the UK.

Features of CB electronics xpatch-64

  • 64×64 Crosspoint Routing
  • Front panel headphone monitoring
  • Zero crossing switching (“click-less”)
  • Create, store & recall routings ( Snapshots)
  • Any input can connect to multiple outputs
  • Load and save predefined signal paths
  • OSX & Windows compatible software
  • 8 Channels of metering
  • 5 PIN MIDI input ( PC Command )
  • Gain control on every output & Inputs 57-64
  • Unused I/O are muted to minimize crosstalk
  • High Impedance input card option for inputs 57-64

Description of CB electronics xpatch-64

The XPatch-64 framework is controlled  by our XPatch program by means of USB, considering complex routings in a moment or two. Make, store and review routings from meetings. 

Any info can be shipped off numerous results. The XPatch-64 plan depends on the A-Mon/I-Mon and offers the I/O and central processor cards, considering info and result quieting and even increasing control.

The front board is furnished with 2x XLR combo connectors for input XLR line-level/¼ inch jack DI input, in addition to 2 XLR yield for speedy trying out of gear. 

Likewise included are ¼ inch jack for earphone observing of sources of info and results, OLED show and encoder with press button for capability choice. Likewise, there is a ¼ inch jack attachment for a change to step through previews (presets).

Once designed, XPatch-64 can work autonomously on the XPatch program and host PC by means of the front board encoder or foot-switch.

By exchanging between previews, the foot-switch empowers the XPatch-64 to be utilized as a strong studio or live execution instrument for performers.

In any studio, the XPatch-64 can hurry up and simply utilize your most loved new and heritage equipment impact units in your mix.

The CB electronics XPatch-64 is a flexible independent simple steering/exchanging framework for in front of an audience shop instrument handling or enhancer determination.


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