How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Help Keep Your Financial Data Safe

Organizations of all sizes have a duty to keep the financial data and personal identifiable information (PII) of their clientele safe. As cybersecurity technology has advanced, however, so too have the attacks from cybercriminals. To stay ahead, more companies are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) technology as a means to enhance their cybersecurity systems.

As data can be compromised many ways, it takes a robust security system to properly safeguard it. Whether the cyberattack involves access gained through high-risk software, insecure networks or compromised user credentials, much must be done to resolve system vulnerabilities and protect the data stored inside.

How might AI aid in PPI and financial data protection? One way is by improving the capabilities of data loss prevention software. Using advanced algorithms, there is a wide range of AI solutions designed to enhance data breach or persistent threat detection. Along the same lines is the ability to provide automated incident responses and remediation processes in the event of a breach.

As the security potential of AI software continues to advance, we’ll see it become even more integrated into our lives and businesses. Falling behind on the high-tech pattern recognition and predictive analytics it offers will no longer be an option to stay competitive. This is especially true for organizations tasked with adhering to financial reporting regulation and compliance.

For further information on employing artificial intelligence programs and tools as part of your cybersecurity system, please see the accompanying resource.

Infographic created by Donnelley Financial Solutions, an SEC filing software company


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