10 Best AI Music Generators of 2023

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in artistic fields such as music, film, and other types of art. When adopted, it has the potential to have an influence on all aspects of the music production process, from writing a song to mixing sound.

Another fantastic possibility presented by AI is that it provides amateur musicians with a novel technique to boost their creative process. The music business, like many others, is utilizing AI as a complement rather than a substitute for human musicians.

Many experts, academics, musicians, and record companies are looking for new methods to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into music. Some software may create works in the styles of many composers. 

Things to Think About Before Choosing the Best AI Music Generator

There are various aspects to consider while selecting the finest AI music generator. Here are a few examples:

Quality of Generated Music:

The most crucial element is the quality of music produced by the AI system. You should analyze the system’s ability to generate music that aligns with your preferences and needs. To evaluate the overall quality, realism, and musicality of the created compositions, listen to samples and demonstrations.

Genre and Style:

Different AI music generators excel at different genres and styles. Some systems are better with classical music than others. Consider the genre and style you’re looking for, and then choose a generator that meets your requirements.

Customization and Control:

Look for an AI music generator that allows you a high level of customization and control. Can you change things like speed, atmosphere, instruments, or melody? Controlling these parameters enables you to personalize the created music to your individual project or creative idea.

Training Data and AI Techniques:

 Understand the AI music generator’s training data. Some models are trained using enormous datasets of current compositions, and others are learned using specific genres or artists. Consider the artificial intelligence approaches employed, such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, or rule-based systems. This information might help you understand the generator’s capabilities and limits.


In addition, consider the user interface and usability. A user-friendly interface with simple controls and comprehensive instructions may improve the enjoyment and efficiency of the music creation process. To improve the entire experience, look for generators that offer customer assistance and regular updates.

Integration and Compatibility:

Check to see if the AI music generator works well with your current process or program. Some generators are independent apps, while others offer APIs or plugins that may be incorporated into popular DAWs.

Top 10 AI Music Generators

Let’s take a look at some of the best AI music generators on the market: 


AIVA, an AI music generator that was developed in 2016, is a popular choice. AI is always being enhanced in order to produce soundtracks for advertisements, video games, movies, and other media. AIVA’s initial publication, “Opus 1 for Piano Solo,” was followed by an album .

The application allows users to create music from scratch as well as variants on current tunes, all without having to worry about music licensing procedures. You may simply make music of different genres and styles with AIVA by first picking a preset style. When it comes to contemporary music, AIVA can be used to make changes. 

2. Soundful

Soundful uses artificial intelligence to provide royalty-free background music for your movies, broadcasts, podcasts, and more. The entire procedure is supposed to be simple; simply select a genre, customize your inputs, and start making tunes.

Repeat until you discover the ideal track for you. Most importantly, the music is one-of-a-kind; Soundful’s algorithms are taught note-for-note alongside some of the industry’s most exciting producers and sound engineers – and because they’re music theory-trained one-shot samples. Soundful’s AI will never replicate an existing song or even one from its own platform. 

3. Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music allows anybody to create music clips by training on hundreds of hours of existing music. The tool’s simple design and vast collection of sceneries, emotions, and genres make it an excellent choice. The AI music generator lets you create music for any film or game. It includes a royalty-free music generator to prevent licensing concerns.

To utilize the tool, first choose at least one of the Scene, Mood, and Genre options before selecting “Create Music.” Instruments and structures may also be customized with a few clicks. Melody, Backing, Bass, and Drum are among the instruments. 

4. Soundraw

Soundraw is another excellent AI music generator that allows you to customize a song with AI-created phrases, among other things. The tool is based on a combination of AI and its collection of manual tools, all of which allow you to easily make and customize new music.

You may improvise and tune a single piece of music using the platform’s customization tool. While free users may use the music generator to produce songs, limitless downloads require a subscription.

5. Google Magenta Studio

Google Magenta is Google’s version of an AI music generator. It was founded in 2016 as an open-source project to empower artists with tools and models for experimenting with machine learning.

Google Magenta may be the perfect answer for you if you want an easy-to-use music generator with sophisticated capabilities. Additionally, Google Magenta generates music using machine learning. The model is trained on a vast number of neural networks in order to recognize similar patterns in music.

6. Boomy

Boomy is one of the most well-known names in AI music generators. You can even upload Boomy-generated songs to streaming services like Spotify and earn money when people listen to them.

One of Boomy’s primary selling points is its simple and user-friendly UI. Boomy’s simple and user-friendly UI is one of its main selling factors.

One may create your own beats or utilize one of the themes given on the platform. You may even modify the music once you’ve selected it. Users may also add vocals, change and rearrange the arrangements, change the instrumental sounds, and perform a number of other things.

7. OpenAI  – MuseNet

OpenAI is one of the most well-known brands in the AI business. It offers its own online AI music-generation platform called MuseNet. The technology can produce songs with up to 10 different instruments and music in up to 15 distinct styles.

Another distinguishing feature of OpenAI’s MuseNet is its ability to imitate great composers such as Mozart as well as today’s top composers. The technology uses a deep neural network trained on data obtained from the internet to rate music over lengthy periods of time. 

8. Google Music LM

Meet Google MusicLM, a new artificial intelligence (AI) application from Google that can make music from simple test descriptions. Users may just enter the query for the music they want, and the application will produce several variations of the tune.

Furthermore, users may customize their music output by specifying instruments such as electronic, classical, and even mood and emotion.

Google Music LM is now accessible to the general public, and you can join a waiting list. 

9. Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code, which may be utilized by any music aficionado, rounds up our list of the greatest AI music creators. The iOS software allows you to create new tunes in only a few minutes. Amadeus Code is powered by an AI engine that includes chord progressions from some of the world’s most well-known tunes. These can then be used to develop new musical composition frameworks. 

You may also utilize gestures to produce fresh new songs or replicate particular pieces of already recorded songs with the AI music generator. You may export audio and MIDI files to audio editing tools, but you must buy each song separately.

10.  Amper Music

Amper Music is one of the most user-friendly AI music generators, making it an excellent alternative for individuals just getting started with AI-generated music. 

Because it generates musical tracks from pre-recorded samples, Amper does not need a comprehensive understanding of music theory or composition. These are then converted into real audio, which may be customized with music keys, tempo, specific instruments, and other parameters. You may, for example, adjust the entire instrument to reflect the mood or vibe you want to generate. 

The cloud-based platform is ideal for content makers or users wishing to create soundtracks and sound effects for games, movies, or podcasts. The premium edition gives you even more possibilities to support your work as an artist. 


The year 2023 saw remarkable developments in AI music creation, providing music fans and experts alike with a plethora of creative tools to explore. The 10 finest AI music generators described in this blog have proven their capacity to write original works.

These AI music generators have pushed the frontiers of what is possible in the domain of music creation, from creating catchy melodies to composing complicated compositions. They have democratized music production with their intuitive interfaces and sophisticated algorithms, allowing both amateurs and pros to leverage the promise of AI to better their creative process. 


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